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Style Guide

The Wald Family Foods brand must remain consistent in every application. Our style guide serves as the standard for all your branding needs.
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Product Brochure

Download this printable version of our product brochure to learn about each delicious product our company has to offer in a visually appealing, organized format.

Logo Kit

Use this convenient logo kit download to ensure you’re using only the highest-resolution Wald Family Foods logo files in every application.

Product Photos

You can download all of our product photos in one, nicely wrapped package to avoid the hassle of downloading each photo individually. You’re welcome!

Sales Deck 2023

Download the sales deck to learn about Wald Family Foods and how we take care of your food manufacturing needs. View our detailed products and the industries we serve.
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LinkedIn Cover Photo

You can download this cover graphic which is formatted for use on your personal LinkedIn profile page.

Each photo is 1200 px (width) x 800 px (height). Click the “Here” link that’s in line with the food item to download the corresponding food photo.

Gluten-Free Entrees

Chicken Chunks Bulk PackedHere


Beef Enchilada (5 oz.)Here
Beef Enchilada (7 oz.)Here
Beef Enchilada – Spiced ShellHere
Beef Enchilada 2-Pack (Retail)Here
Beef Enchilada 2-Pack (Retail Packaged)Here
Chicken Enchilada (5 oz.)Here
Chicken Enchilada (7 oz.)Here
Chicken Enchilada – Spiced ShellHere
Chicken Enchilada 2-Pack (Retail)Here
Chicken Enchilada 2-Pack (Retail Packaged)Here
Spanish RiceHere
Beef Taco FillingHere


Baja Chicken EnchiladaHere
California MedleyHere
Cheddar Baked PotatoHere
Cheddar Baked Potato (Retail)Here
Cheddar Baked Potato (Retail Packaged)Here
Cheeseburger ChowderHere
Cheesy Chicken Tortilla (Gluten Free)Here
Cheesy Chicken Tortilla (Retail)Here
Cheesy Chicken Tortilla (Gluten Free, Retail Packaged)Here
Chicken NoodleHere
Chicken Noodle (Retail)Here

Chicken Noodle (Retail Packaged)

Chicken Pot Pie FillingHere
Chicken Sausage GumboHere
Chicken with DumplingsHere
Chicken with Wild Rice (Gluten Free)Here
Chicken with Wild Rice (Retail)Here

Chicken with Wild Rice (Gluten Free, Retail Packaged)

Chili with BeansHere
Cream of PotatoHere
Creamy TomatoHere
Cowboy Chili (Gluten Free)Here
Cream of BroccoliHere
Cream of Broccoli with Cheese (Gluten Free)Here
Cream of Broccoli with Cheese (Retail)Here
Cream of Broccoli with Cheese (Gluten Free, Retail Packaged)Here
Italian WeddingHere
Manhattan Clam ChowderHere
New England Clam ChowderHere
Vegetable BeefHere
Wisconsin CheddarHere
Wisconsin Cheddar (Retail)Here
Wisconsin Cheddar (Retail Packaged)Here

Pastas & Sauces

Alfredo SauceHere
Gourmet Three Cheese MacaroniHere
Homestyle Mac & CheeseHere
Pasta CarbonaraHere
Southwest Macaroni & CheeseHere
White Cheddar CavatappiHere
Beef & NoodlesHere
Chicken & NoodlesHere

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